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If you have not given much thought to your chakras lately, you may not realize many of the distractions in your life can be directly due to an imbalance of these energy centers. At my shop, Houston Psychic - Grace Morgan, I am one of the most renowned spiritual psychics specializing in services like past life readings and chakra healing. Among area psychic mediums, I have been called the most powerful spiritual leader of my generation.

When you come for a chakra healing in my Houston, TX shop, I will use my abilities to locate and feel the status of each of your chakras, or energy centers. If one or more are too open or too closed, this will send your system out of balance. Your chakras correlate to your body, mind, and spirit and can have drastic effects on your health and happiness if they are out of balance. By releasing negative or stagnant energy from the affected chakras, your natural flow is restored.

Bad energy comes into your chakras through traumas, illness, negative people, fears, stress, past life and general depressive feelings. (in some cases may need to use hypnoses to evaluate it further). The trick to healing is realizing this is a two-way street. If you hang on to illness or bad energy, this blocks specific chakras. Blocked chakras in turn manifest in physical, mental, and emotional ailment. Clearing your chakras of bad energy resets this downward spiral and leaves you open to healing by rebalancing your energy, which will then manifest in your positive goals.

If you are feeling out of sorts and cannot place the source of the problem, come see me for a chakra healing. You will feel as if a weight has been lifted off your shoulders as worries and stress are released, leaving you feeling mentally and emotionally clear. You will also notice physical ailments begin to fade as your body’s natural defenses are able to get back to work without being blocked. I will even teach you meditations you can do on your own to facilitate your chakras remaining in balance. Ask about the After Care Programs.

For effective chakra healing in Houston, TX, visit me, Houston Psychic - Grace Morgan. I am a third generation Indian Spiritual healer and can set your body and life back into balance, and help you keep it there.

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